—Company Profile

PT. Cipta Sanalida Utama is both an EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) Contractor and Supplier that is incorporated in Indonesia since 1988. This Big Grade (Grade-7) Company was founded by Ir. Sarimin Simamora who has always surrounded himself with many teams of professionals that consist of talented & experienced engineers and managers. Along with our President Director, Ron1ald Edi, who earned his Master of Science, Bachelor of Science & Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University Bloomington, USA, our company has turned into a dynamic corporation that carries out services in the oil & gas constructions and supply.

Our primary activities consist of oil & gas constructions. For instance, we have engaged in the development of Oil / LPG Terminals, Spherical (LPG) Storage Tanks, Oil Storage Tanks, Airplane Fueling Depot (DPPU), Pipelines, LPG Bulk Refilling Station (SPPBE), CNG Stations (SPBG), Gas Stations (SPBU), Electrical and Pump Projects, Pipeline Repair Clamps, Hot Tapping, and any related oil & gas projects for more than 20 years. Through the use of cutting-edge technology and science, we have delivered outstanding outcomes that meet our customers requirements and satisfaction. Our strategy is to position ourselves as a leading oil & gas contractor by mutually working together with both the Government and private companies in Indonesia, such as PERTAMINA (www.pertamina.com), PGN (www.pgn.co.id), MIGAS (www.bphmigas.go.id), etc.

Our involvement in the pipeline, oil & gas projects that span from Sumatera Islands (West) to Papua / Irian Islands (East) are proof to our customers that we are professionals in our field. By implementing Health & Safety Environment (HSE) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) methods, we have built sturdy, safe, and secure projects.

To back-up our support, our company is accredited to DAS International Organization (http://www.dascertification-id.com); which is a global & legal entity that issues accredited certifications; our ISO 9001:2008 of Quality Management Certification from DAS that is is fully compliant to international standards. Other certificates include OHSAS ISO 14001 of Environmental Management System and OHSAS ISO 18001 of Health and Safety Management (HSE).

In order to provide one-stop solution for our customers, we also take part in the oil & gas supply. Tank truck equipment, Gas Station spare parts, CNG dispensers, LNG trailers are several items that we supply. As such, we deliver benefits to our customers by saving time and cost efficiency; most notably for customers that are not located in Jakarta, our capital city.

Our Vision

To be a national Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractor and Supplier with objectives to construct sustainable projects in the oil and gas industry.

Our Mission

We aim to build cost-efficient, safe, and environmental friendly projects through the use of modern technology and innovative knowledge.

Our Values

  • Visionary

To be able to see and forecast the future of oil and gas project development.

  • Innovation

To perform research and development in the EPC oil and gas projects through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

  • Integrity

To provide openness, honesty and responsibility to our customers.

  • Customer Satisfaction

To carry out cost efficiency, saving time, and sustainable projects to our clients.